Thursday, September 15, 2005

Name changes.. sort of

I've been reading too much. I started reading the Dark Hunter series awhile ago and found a couple of names in there Michael and I can use in public, without being looked at funny. I can't call him Sire outside the house and it would look funny if he called me persephone. So, we're going to be using a couple of names I found in that series. Akri, which means "my lord and master" and Simi, which means "baby" (since he calls me that a lot, lovingly). I'm happy with it and threw the idea to him. He liked it just as much.

We haven't really had the opportunity to "play" as of late. We have houseguests and I think they may feel uncomfortable so we haven't. That and we've both just been so tired as of late. It seems that all we want to do when we come home from work is veg out in front of the computers. Maybe when the houseguests find their own home, things will be better.