Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Busy day today

My school funds became available last week and I've been able to pick up a few more things for school as well as getting our rent covered (until my BAH starts).  Over the weekend, I received three checks from the DoT in various amounts.  The first one ($435.50) was for my books.  My tuition is sent directly to the school.  The other two checks, I think, were supposedly my BAH.  This is supposed to be back-dated to January 18th, when class started.  I checked the BAH amount for this zip code and it's just over $1,000.  The sum of the other two checks equals the BAH, but it's not retroactive, like I thought it was going to be.  I'm going to talk to the VA folks after class tomorrow.

After my second class today, I went to the bank to deposit most of the money.  I held onto about $300 so that I could get my car taken care of.  It's a good thing I stopped by there today.  Apparently, we were negative almost $80 (still not entirely sure how THAT happened, considering we've barely touched that account) and wold have been negative nearly $500 tomorrow.  The cable company decided to charge our account a total of FOUR times, each amount the same ($52.67).  So, $210.56 is pending to our checking account.  I also did a wire transfer from our checking account here to our Navy Fed account; that was nearly the same amount as the cable company charges.  Add those to the nearly $80 that we were negative, and you have our pending negative amount.  I'm told that on the 27th it will all be fixed and fine; the additional charges of $52.64 will be credited to our account.  Once the balance is positive with the deposit I made this morning, I'm paying the electric, phone, and car insurance bills.

After my third, and last, class of the day, I drove around to find a place to do a vehicle inspection.  I finally found a dealership on the other side of I-30 to do one for me and it was a little over $15 for it.  When that was done, I headed over to the Annex to get my stickers and plates.  My car is now registered and legal to drive in the state of Texas.

I'm going to wait on the [Navy] veteran plates for when I trade in my 2003 Saturn L200 for a better car.  The types of vehicles I'm looking at resemble (in size) the Chevrolet Equinox, Mitsubishi Montero (I think that's the right one), Nissan Xterra, Honda CRV, etc.  Pretty much an SUV, but smaller than your typical SUV.  It gives me the space I may need for school supplies, Bella's car seat, moving (eventually) and it will also give me more clearance underneath the front bumper.

Tomorrow morning, I go to DPS to get my Texas driver's license.  I had Patrick help me pick out which top to wear.  Normally, I'd wear a blue but I wear that at work.  I may wear what he chose or a brown polo.  I'll compare the two with him tonight before bed.

Patrick is heading over to a small dealership next weekend.  I guess Derek went over there the other day to get to know the guy who runs the place.  Vehicles don't seem to cost more than about $10K and they want 10% down.  So, if Pat gets a vehicle at $10K and gives them $1,000, then he's good.  Monthly payments average out to be less than my car note was, AND when we can, we may be able to pay a little more than the monthly payments.  We were talking earlier (after I mentioned waiting on the veteran plates for an eventual new-to-me car) and decided that when he's paid off half of what he owes on his new-to-him vehicle, we'll take mine over there and trade it in.

Slowly things are becoming balanced.  It'll still be awhile, but it will happen.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I just feel like hitting someone.  A lot.  No one in particular.  I just want to hit them.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Disturbing Dreams

I don't remember everything about the dreams that I had, but I remember images.  I remember being the center of a sexual assault.  I was in a room (not a small room, but I'm not sure what kind of room it was) and there were a few people in it with them.  I'm going about my business when, the next thing I know, some guy decides to try and stick his hand and fingers up in my business.  I jump away from him, telling him to back off.  He does it again.  I give him a tongue lashing (and I think I started whomping on his ass).  I left that dream feeling VERY violated.  There were other more disturbing parts of that dream, but I can't remember ANYTHING else from it.

School is going well.  Two of my classes are already up for a test.  I've been spending some time each day since that class studying.  I've been studying my math as well nearly every single day; I need to pass that class so that I can actually take a college level math next semester.

I'm still waiting on my Post 9/11 GI Bill.  I've been approved for it, but it won't show up until next month, probably.  It will be backdated and my tuition will be put on my student ID (which is also used as a debit card and money can be withdrawn from it).  More than anything, we're waiting on the BAH so that we can get our rent caught up on.

I quit DQ last week.  I was scheduled 11 hours for the entire week.  It wasn't worth it and I was sure that it wouldn't change for the following weeks.  The day I called in to quit, I had an interview with Walmart.  They sent me in for a drug test right after and I call them on Monday to find out the results (so not worried) and then orientation on Tuesday.  I hope the orientation is after my math class; I really don't want to miss two classes in a row.  I missed class on Thursday for the interview.  My math instructor completely understood why I had to miss class; I hope it doesn't count too badly toward my grade.

I'm hopeful this semester.  My GI Bill runs out in 16 months.  With the classes and coursework I already have, I'm thinking that I should be done just before or after it runs out.  If I want to continue my education and get a four-year degree in criminal justice, I'll have to transfer to another school and depend solely on financial aid through FAFSA.  I'm not looking forward to it, but if I want to continue, I have to.