Sunday, February 26, 2006

Who am I kidding?

I dropped him off at the airport this morning. If we were able to park the car in the lot, I would have been able to stay with him until about ten this morning. His flight was at 9am, so I dropped him off about five minutes to eight. I left my phone at home but he sent me a text message anyway. His flight had been delayed until 1130 (hence my staying with him until 10am comment). We had a late night last night from all the procrastinating that we'd been doing the last week or so. I think it was 2:30am by the time we got to bed. Getting to sleep was a completely different item. I didn't want to go to sleep. I didn't want to miss anything or any time with him. After changing positions several times, I finally found one and drifted off. The alarm went off too early. I wanted more time with him. I already have started a care package for him. We took out his contact boxes last night but forgot to pack them. Maybe I'll send some cookies, too. He still has some laundry here, so methinks I'll send that off with the contacts. That's it really.

Oh, and while we were playing last night, before making love before he left, he let me stick a finger in his asshole. He took it to the middle knuckle and didn't mind it much. Oh how I love him.