Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Heart in my throat

There are so many things going on in my head. School seems pretty big. I have so many interests in my head and I don't know what to do with them. I need to register, pay, study for, and take my cosmotology exam and get my license for that. Once that happens, my mother can finally feel that her oldest accomplished something in her life. I do have goals; it's just a matter of applying myself and doing what I need to do. Maybe when I have classes that don't have a lot of homework, like now, I can spend my time with my nose back in the Milady book and study. I don't remember the website to register and take the practice tests. I know what I may need to focus on more. My GI Bill runs out around the time I graduate from NTCC so any further schooling will be drawn only from grants.

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Friday, March 04, 2011

This last week.. whew!

I went into work early over the weekend to try and get Sprint cell phones for us.  He needs one for work and, in the long run, it'd be cheaper for both of us to get them.  Turns out, we couldn't get Sprint under my name (apparently, I still owe them from when we lived in San Diego; I was sure that was paid off before we moved), so I went with Verizon.  I'm going in early again today to adjust the plan; instead of unlimited minutes, I'm going with 700; I doubt we'll use that much.  We both have HTC Incredibles.  Neat phone, but getting used to it still.  We've made room in our budget for this, but if it becomes too tight, we'll just call and have them suspend our account until they're affordable and get pay-as-you-go phones.
We've also been budget planning for Pat to get his own vehicle.  Since Mom will be moving in the next few months, it would be good for him to have one.  He's got $1,000 saved up (in the Bank & Trust of Mom, lol) for a down payment on a used vehicle.  There's a good place in town (comes recommended) that has used vehicles for $10,000 or less and they have different options for payment plans.  When he has the vehicle paid off at least 50% paid off, we're going to see about trading in my vehicle.  I know it won't be worth much at that point, but we'll see where everything is at that point.  Myself and the kids will be on my insurance through work (cheaper than the city) so his paychecks will increase everso slightly.
My BAH will help with rent, so that's one headache we won't have to worry about.  At least, until I'm done with school, by that point, we should have some money saved up to keep adding to my savings at Navy Fed.  I still have my disability (this still cracks me up) that goes to Navy Fed and there are zero bills coming out of that account.  The only thing linked there is a credit card from Navy Fed that I'm auto-paying the minimum balance.  So long as we don't use that account for anything, that won't be a problem.  The minimum payment for that is maybe 15% of what my disability is, so there should always be a positive balance.
Now, we wouldn't be in the current financial clusterfuck if my grandmother was smart.  Dear heart as she is (when she sent me that money for school), she CLOSED THE ACCOUNT that the check was drawn from, causing our own bank account to be NEGATIVE.  I told her about it and she sent another check.  I told her how much we were overdrawn (the amount of the first check) and she sent less, so we were still negative.  We still had some bills due at that time, so they went unpaid.  I had a huge grrrrr for about two weeks.
Things are becoming smoother, with some pebbles in the way.  We'll make it through, though; I know we will.
I also spaced the fact that my Taxmas has yet to arrive.  About 90% of my federal goes into the account here in town; the rest of it, as well as my state refund, is going to my Navy Federal account.  I see that this will be a good thing in the long run, too.

I had class Monday morning and I work from 4-8 tonight.  I need to make a call or two (Verizon and someplace else; I can't remember).
Bella was "riding" my knee like a pony.  It sucked because it's my bad knee, but it's time well spent with my kidlet.  Her imagination just blows me away.  I can't even begin to start sharing all of the stories that she's told me since I got home an hour ago.
Monday night Pat and I has a conversation and we were up until 12:30 this morning. My old problem in the bedroom has returned where I don't want sex nor am I receptive to it. He's worried that it's him and it isn't. Yes, I've started school again as well as working, but I see both of those reasons as a scapegoat for a possible deeper problem. Pat's insurance starts today so I'm going to see if there are certain doctors we have to see and make an appointment with an OBGYN for my yearly and talk to them about my problem. I cNt blame my lack of drive on birth control because I'm not taking any. I want to desire sex again. I just don't know how or what to do. I have a bottle of goat weed at home. I'm going go start taking that as directed on the bottle and see if that helps.
I had class Tuesday morning; Juvenile Justice Systems and Court Systems & Practices. I had a test in the latter and I felt really good about it. There was a bonus question at the end. When I turned it in, the instructor said that I may have been the first one to get it right; I sure hope so.

I have one more class this afternoon and it is NOT my favorite. A friend of mine is letting me borrow her graphing calculator but it is over ten years old; you can barely read the screen. If will cost me about $150 to buy a new one and I can use my Pell grant to get one at the bookstore at the school.

I had just one class on Wednesday.  After I got home, Mom, Bella, and are going grocery shopping. When Pat got home, he showed me the nicer area of town and where he was thinking of moving to (once we get to that point).  We were going to stop by and see Mollye about some rentals or foreclosures, but we were tired.  I was dealing with a bad migraine and Bella had fallen asleep in her car seat maybe 10 minutes into the drive.  It was not fun to put her to bed that night; she stayed awake for a little while.
I had class Thursday morning; Juvenile Justice Systems and Court Systems & Practices.  We had a test that last class time in CS&P and we found out the results.  Nine students made an A; I was one of those nine.  I would have had 105 on the test, but I misread a question.  I still managed a 100 though, because of a bonus question.  Oh yeah, I scored.
I still had a Beginning Algebra (the bane of my existence) and then I worked 4pm until 10pm.  No hour lunch, so just hanging out at the store; scarfed a snack before leaving for work and one when I got home tonight.
Oh, as I got dressed yesterday morning and buckled up my belt, I noticed that my belt is fitting TIGHTER.  Based on the holes, it seems as though I've lost about two inches in the waist since we moved here back in July.  I'm stoked.  I figure if I keep going the way I am, I'll reach 150 by the summer.  The last week, I've been around 158.  When we moved here, I was about 165-170.  Slowly but surely, I'll reach my goal.

So, I figured out that I want to do legal assistant work.  I did my degree plan with my instructor today and discussed a couple of options.  Below is a list of classes I need to graduate from college.  I'll be able to do this next May (I really wish the font and whatnot transfered over; I had it all color-coded and junk).
After graduation, I can start the following fall at either Texas A&M in Commerce (about an hour towards Dallas from here) and declare myself a Political Science major with an emphasis on legal assistance.  I could have my four-year degree within two years (or so).  
OR, I can do a B.A.A.S. program at Texarkana doing something similar, but I may be done sooner.  Apparently, they have a survey that you're given at the beginning of the semester and you're given the entire semester to complete it.  It's pretty much asking about your life experience since your teenage years.  They somehow transfer your life experiences (including jobs you've had) into college credits.  
I'm not sure which one I'd want to do; right now, I'm leaning toward Texas A&M Commerce.
Yes, I still want to get my Cos license and I'm going to do it.  I'm strange and odd in that I want to be able to do more than just one thing.  Once I have my four-year degree I can get a decent job working with the attorneys here in town.  With the Cos license, I can still do things on the side.  I may meet people at that prospective new job who may become my clients.  
I see this working out.  I really, really do.  Many of you may have doubts, but I'm very confident in this plan.  In five years, I want to be working as a legal assistant with the local attorneys as a full-time position and doing haircuts, coloring hair, and doing nails as a side thing for extra cash.

COSC 1301 Microcomputer Applications      CLEP??
Three credit hours. Overview of computer information systems. Introduces computer hardware, software, procedures, systems, and human resources and explores their integration and application in business and other segments in society. The fundamentals of computer problem solving and programming in a higher level programming language may be discussed and applied. Three hours of class each week. Additional course fee: $18.

ENGL 2322 British Literature I
Three credit hours. A study of the major figures and movements of British literature from the beginnings to the 18th century. Literature as a reflection of the people and attitudes of different periods will be an important part of the course. Prerequisite: ENGL 1302. Three hours of class each week.

HIST 1301 History of the United States to 1877         Fall 2011
Three credit hours. This is a survey course focusing on the development of American characteristics and institutions. Topics include the forging of a new society from European, African, and Native American cultures; the colonial experience and revolution; the rise of a democratic spirit and way of life; the frontier experience; conflict with Mexico; sectionalism; and Civil War and Reconstruction.  Three hours of class each week.

HIST 1302 History of the United States since 1877         Spring 2012
Three credit hours. This is a survey course and continuation of HIST 1301. Topics include the closing of the frontier; industrialization; the challenge to traditional values and institutions in an urban-industrial environment; the United States as a world power; World War I; economic depression and the rise of the welfare state; World War II; and post-war America  from Korea through Vietnam, from civil rights to the end of the Cold War. Three hours of class each week.

MATH 1314 College Algebra         Fall 2011
Three credit hours. This course covers the development of the complex number system, solutions of quadratic equations and systems involving quadratics, relations, functions, inverses, ratio, proportion, and variation, theory of equations, progressions, matrices, exponential and logarithmic functions, permutations, combinations, and probability as time permits. Prerequisite: MATH 0305 or its equivalent, or an appropriate placement score. Three hours of class each week.

MUSI 1306 Music Appreciation
Three credit hours. Through a series of lectures, videocassettes and direct listening assignments, the student becomes acquainted with the main currents of music from Greek times to the present.  Emphasis is placed on enhancing appreciation for music in all of its forms. Three hours of class each week. Additional course fee: $18.00

PHYS 1401 General Physics I    Summer 2011
Four credit hours. This course is for pre-dental, biology, pre-medical, pre-pharmacy, and prearchitecture majors and other students who need a two-semester technical course in physics. The course includes mechanics, heat, and sound. Prerequisite:  MATH 2412.  Three hours lecture and one three-hour laboratory period each week. Additional course fee: $18.00.
PHYS 1402 General Physics II         Summer 2011
Four credit hours. This course is a continuation of PHYS 1401. Electricity, magnetism, and light are studied. Prerequisite: PHYS 1401. Three hours lecture and three hours of lab each week. Additional course fee: $18.00

GOVT 2306 State and Local Government
Three credit hours. This is a survey of the Texas constitution and government emphasizing legislative functions, administrative organization, and the judicial system. It is also a study of local government, police powers, regulatory policies and agencies, and the relationship between state and national government. Close attention is given to voting characteristics, economics, ideologies, and political events of state and local importance. This course fulfills legal requirements for teacher certification in Texas. Three hours of class each week.

SOCI 1301 Introductory Sociology
Three credit hours. This course provides for the analysis within a sociological context of the emergence of "society" and its "culture" as well as the prevailing social processes. It also focuses on the basic principles of socialization, social class stratification, and the emergence of the primary social institutions within our culture. Three hours of class each week.