Friday, March 31, 2006

the weekend is here

With the weekend here, I can only hope that I have a better chance to talk to Michael. I've been emailing him pictures of me via my phone and sending sound clips with them. I've also been sending him one or two stories a day from this blog. I think he's enjoying them. I hope he's enjoying them.

I'm hoping today is an early day from work. I want to pick up my maternity clothes, pay my rent, eat my chick-fil-a and see my movie. I want to see V for Vendetta today. We'll see how that works out.

I'm still so tired though. A friend of mine sent me TWO care packages with stuff for me, Michael and baby. We're still hoping for a girl, but will be happy with whatever we get. Something keeps telling me that we're having a boy. I dunno yet though. We won't know for another couple of months yet. I'm going to wait until he gets home before we figure out what sex it is. My mother is very happy about it. I've already set up a baby registry at for it. Lots of Winniw the Pooh stuff. :)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

gone gone..

He called me last night. It was nice to hear his voice. Michael is gone from me until July. I've been sending him 15 second sound clips to his email address and picture mail from my phone. He's enjoyed it so much. The night before last, he got pictures of me and my boobies. He enjoyed those very much. Last night, I sent him a picture of my pink parts. He liked that too. I've been sending him stories everyday, too. I've been going through the blog, looking for our intimate moments that I've written about and sent those to him. He's been hard by the end of them every time. That puts a smile on my face. Apparently, he can't move from his seat for about fifteen minutes. I miss him so much. The only good thing about him being gone is the extra money that shows up on his paycheck. I get to use that money for bills. Yay. As much as I love taking up the entire bed, I miss being able to snuggle up and crawl on him in my sleep. He'll be back soon enough. Mid-July he should be back. I can't wait. Neither can he.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Work.. not so fun....

This is all reposted from another blog of mine. Certain things have been omitted.

I think I just may have a stalker on my hands. I filed an informal complaint against him at work and spoke to the CMEO (I can't remember what it stands for). I made a voluntary statement as well as using an email from Michael to help me out on any details I'd deleted from my backup memory banks. I decided to put this here since it's caused me plenty of emotional stress. I'm to the point where I'm paranoid at night when I go to bed. I make sure everything is locked, including both doors leading to the bedroom. Michael's swords are in the corner next the bed, in case I ever need them.
After returning to 1ST LT from my TAD to SPAWAR, he [Airman Snuffy*] began making inappropriate comments toward me. The first thing he did was give me an “assignment” to pick a fight with my husband, which I have no reason to do. He asked me a couple of days later how my “assignment” was going and I told him again that I have no reason to pick a fight with my spouse. I told him that he needed to refrain from making those types of comments. Throughout the next month, he was making inappropriate comments still and coming on strong to me. I told him again that he needed to stop making those comments. I did not want them, feeling they were inappropriate. I told my spouse about AN Snuffy and his comments, and he also felt they were inappropriate. My spouse suggested that I speak to my chain of command about it, mentioning that it’s disrespect to a Petty Officer and a married woman. I did not, feeling that I could handle it without much problem. While I was on convalescent leave from surgery, he woke me up on 19 February 2006 at approximately 11:17am. I was resting from my surgery and taking my pain medication. He started talking about how “hot” he thought I was and checking in on me. I had my spouse with me so there was no reason for his call. He also mentioned how much he missed me at work. No one else was calling to check on me during this time except for family and close friends. I finished the call and informed my spouse. The day after I returned to work, he came to the building for breakfast. He again began making comments I felt inappropriate, again mentioning how “hot” I was. He asked me how I was enjoying the single life and asked him what he meant. He was referring to the fact that my spouse is currently on deployment. I told him that I haven’t been single since meeting my husband and that I’m miserable without him here with me. I again told him he needed to refrain from those comments. He then attempted to give me a hug, which I did not return. He left the building to go to work (Port Ops) and sent me a text message. This was dated 3 March 2006 at 0757. This message verbatim is “Ur a hottie shake dat ass lol.” I did not reply to this message feeling, again, that it was inappropriate. I did not hear from him again until Saturday evening when he sent another text message stating, “I hope all is well.” This may have seemed harmless but I don’t feel he has any reason to text message anything to me unless it’s work related. This was the only reason we exchanged numbers in the first place. After he started making the inappropriate comments, I deleted his phone number from my cell phone. It wasn’t until I checked the number in the Recall List that I found it was AN Snuffy’s number. He does not know my home address and the Recall List is locked up in another office. By him contacting me by my cell phone while at home, I felt my personal space was being invaded. I no longer want him contacting me in any way, shape or form. My spouse and I would be much more at ease that way. [s]
Michael's email to me to add to the statement. Remember, Michael has a better memory than I do a lot of the time. The first time I saw him walk past you and try to like brag your hand or something. You tried to turn it into a high five and he grabbed your wrist. Everything I remember you telling me about him is giving you that “assignment” to pick a fight with me, the whole “Come on there is no way you could be as happy with your husband as you say you are.” When he asked who I was and saw that I was a red head saying “Oh so that’s why you love me” about himself. [He’s a redhead, too, kinda] The phone call while you were on con leave, where he told you “I miss the hell out of you,” and then everything else that was in the email you sent me… I’ll copy and paste that in here as well. “I meant to tell you that Snuffy was moved to work for Port Ops. I was extremely happy to hear this. Unfortunately, he showed up this morning“ (it was Friday morning) “…to hang out and eat breakfast. He tried to hug me, but I kept my distance; I merely patted him on the back. I gave Walters” (the female who was with him; work together at Port Ops) “a better hug. He started off with shit like, Wow you got hotter, etc. I was like, ‘Dude, you need to stop. Seriously.’ I’ve been trying to keep the conversation with him minimal. He’s asking me how I like the single life and I was like, what single life. I’m married. He said, you know, without your husband being here. I said, Dude, I’m married. When my husband is not here, I’m miserable. I love my husband dearly and would die for him.” *Snuffy to protect the “innocent”
Okay, latest update from this morning. I spoke to a preliminary rep (the afore mentioned Chief) and he interviewed me. I essentially restated my voluntary statement, as well as mentioned that I was tempted to turn the informal complaint to a formal complaint and have a restraining order put out on him. As it turns out, the military can do that with no problem. The CO bottom lines it, I think. That would make it so that he is not to contact me in any way, shape or form. No more phone calls, no more text messages. If he does either of those, I will have it documented. All I need to do to get that started is to contact the CMEO again and fill out the paperwork. I will see about that this afternoon.
It looks like Walt is going to have a talk with Chief tomorrow morning. He ran into St.. I mean Snuffy today, trying to get information out of him. What kind of information you ask? About my case. Apparently, NCIS over here has started talking to him. From what I gathered from Walt, Snuffy doesn't seem to think he's done anything wrong. It seems there may be another girl who was bothered by him as well. And, it happened right in front of Walt, so he can testify to that. The girl is on Peleliu; she was at 1st LT up until the ship pulled out. This kills me. He doesn't think he's done anything wrong. Whatever.
Monday was when I finally spoke to my chain of command about it. That's when I filled out a voluntary statement (the first thing I posted after the asterisk's). So far nothing yet. If I really wanted, I could change my informal complaint to a formal one and then I think he would go to Captain's Mast for it. Michael advised me to stop going straight home after work, so instead I'm heading out to my sister's for a couple of hours after work instead and THEN going home. She lives maybe ten minutes from me. She asked me this when we were on the phone during lunch, "Do I need to come to your work and stick my foot up somebody's ass?" I loved it. She can definitely put a smile on my face when I'm not able to talk to Michael. Love that girl to death. I will keep you all posted, as I said before. As soon as my Chief knows something, I'll know something and so on and so forth.
I was just sent home early. Here is why.I talked to Chief and told him what I wanted to do (change the informal complaint to a formal complaint and put out a restraining order to keep him from attempting to contact me). It was just after two this afternoon; it's now 3:30. I'm supposed to call LT in about fifteen minutes to see what's going on. I went on a food run for Chief and LT for "making them work" at the last minute. By the time I got back, LT was finished talking with the SECO (Security Officer), with whom he was talking to before I left for their food. I returned and was about to run to Bldg 72 for OS1 when Chief came in a said, "Log off [the computer] and go home." I said okay, and logged off and got my stuff together. He phoned Airman Snuffy and left a message on his phone to return to base and to 1st LT. Chief and LT wanted me out of there as soon as possible, since they were expecting Snuffy to arrive or call within the following ten minutes. My LT phoned me after he had just gotten out of the meeting with the CO. Airman Snuffy is not allowed to contact me in any way, shape or form and must stay 500 yards or feet (I honestly don't remember which) from my home, car, place of work. This is effective until 30 April or until the matter is resolved. He has received a copy from the LT and he has one for me which I will pick up Monday morning.
Sending him to the ship would work because all of the people that Michael and I know on the ship have been made aware of what's going on. Considering how much they like me, they will make his life a living hell. Remember, I made a lot of older brothers while working for Engineering for a year. I looked out for them while I was their paperbitch. I was just the cool chick in the office that took care of them. As I have heard, no one can hear you screaming down in the engineering spaces.
My chief was actually talking about sending him back to the ship. Now, I know that Michael wouldn't really do too much physically. He's more of a mindfuck kind of guy. However, I still have a lot of big brothers in Engineering Department on the ship. As well as friends in almost every other department including Deck, Operations, Supply, Air.. the list goes on. If he goes back to the ship, he doesn't have a prayer. The smoke deck can be really dark and lonely on some nights.