Friday, June 25, 2010

I hate the IRS

I filed my tax return in February, filing married-joint, but as an injured spouse. I was told that this process would take up to 14 weeks. What I wasn't told, is that 14 weeks after it's submitted, it's actually started. Once it's started, it could take 30-45 days to process.

I've been calling them nearly every 1-2 weeks since that 14th week. I'm supposed to be getting a letter in the mail soon (it was mailed on the 22nd of this month), saying they're going to take yet ANOTHER 30 days to process. What?!

Now, I was told that I could get in touch with the Hardships department and they could contact me to get it to me sooner; we're using my refund to move with (that's the plan, anyway). After talking to those people, I was told that they wouldn't be able to get back to me until next Thursday. We'll be on the road by then!

So, just in case something like this happened, my mother gave us a check to help with our move. I'm really glad she did this, but I wish she didn't have to. Once I finally get my refund, she'll be paid back. Chances are good that I may not even see my refund until August, which is when my first payments for Empire Education Group are due.

Isn't that just super?

Also, when I called them, they told me there was a debt under my social that my refund would be allocated to. So, I asked for the information and they gave me the number [for AAFES]. I still have a small debt to AAFES for my STAR card. I think there's maybe $325 remaining on that balance. After that, I have a balance for a Navy Federal credit card, but that's nothing to worry about and it won't affect my refund.

So now, it's just the stupid waiting game. At least SyFy is playing Stephen King's "The Stand" in full.