Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Filing for Unemployment in Colorado

How simple (or complicated) of a process is this? I filed Worker's Compensation earlier this year (for a shelf falling on both big toes) so now I can't do it onlne!! I'm now on hold.. going on ten minutes. Hopefully I'll get through to SOMEONE before COB today.

By the way, for those who want to get together this week, call me before stopping by. I'm still trying to get through this stupid college algebra course. Has to be completed on August 31. What fun.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Job Searching and oher stresses

Now that we're here, I've been searching for work online. I'm going through Monster, Career Builder and HotJobs. I'm even going back to the temp agency I used after I got out of the Navy. I have an appointment set up for September 2. I need work appropriate pants for it and I had to toss the two pair I had. The cuffs were so worn and ragged, no one will want to look at me. My profile for AppleOne is completed. If I get the pants I need prior to the appointment, I will see about rescheduling for an earlier date.

I'm afraid now that I won't be able to complete my classes and am tempted to just drop out. I hav way too much going on right now and I'm stressing too much to worry about school. I may have to re-enroll later. I'll pay them back what I still owe them. I honestly don't think I'll be able to complete my math unless I have someone on the phone to help me while I'm doing the chapter tests.

I have way too much on my plate right now. The stress of staying with my parents is high. We feel as though we're a burden and not welcome. At least, this is what we get from my dad. My mom wants to help, but my dad is being an asshole about it. He rolls his eyes when Bella makes noises and squeals!! I'm sorry but that's what toddlers do when they're happy. He rolls his eyes when she cries. I can't wait to get the hell out of this house [again].

Sunday, August 24, 2008

We made it!

We've finally reached Colorado. Don't know how often I'll actually be online.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Bella, early stages of potty-training and her ever-growing vocabulary

So, I'm thinking she's definitely getting ready. She's starting to let me know when her diaper has a poopie in it and sometimes when she's peed.

Since we've started packing the house up, there's some extra space in the living room for her to play in. There are blankets and toys over there and it seems to be her favorite place in the house. When she knows she needs a new butt, she'll head over in the direction and lay down for me to change her butt. Sometimes, she'll carry the box of wipes or her diaper over there. When finished, we say, "all done!" and she gets up to go back to playing.

Sometimes, but not every time, she'll wake up dry from her nap. Many times this is due to me changing her right before her nap. I would love to start potty-training her now, but I can't. We leave for Denver in just over 12 days. It would confuse her too much.

In other news, she can say the following:
1. daddy
2. dada
3. mama
4. mommy
5. nana
6. broder (brother)
7. Jeffy
8. pasta
9. pizza
10. blankie
11. bottle
12. baby
13. hot
14. cold
15. boobies
16. butt
17. bum
18. nose
19. eyes
20. brow
21. nigh-nigh
22. bach (bath)
23. hi
24. bye
25. angel
26. toys
27. cookie (which is an unsalted saltine cracker)
28. ready
29. go
30. outside
31. yeah
32. rainbow
33. pretty
34. happy
35. ugly
36. eww
37. owie
38. pee
39. peas
40. cheese
41. juice
42. shoes
43. milk
44. water
45. doggy
46. mine
47. no
48. uh-huh
49. again
50. uhm (up)
51. all done
52. a bite
53. whee
54. eat
55. shit (she rarely says this but she does say it; she will learn when it's okay and not okay to say it)
56. bitch (read the above parentheses)
57. Bella
58. Belladonna
59. uh-oh
60. safe
61. ta-da
62. one
63. two
64. three
65. leaf
66. laces
67. watch
68. zoom
69. hello
70. phone
71. Chris
72. purse
73 doody
(I'll come back and add to this later as I think of words she's said or as she says new words.)

I didn't realize just how many words she could say until now!! Too cool. Though I've heard of toddlers her age who have twice that vocabulary. I know that all children are different, but I'm also hearing that children her age should have upwards of 100 words in their vocabulary. I attribute her language and vocabulary to the fact that we don't use "baby talk" around her. We feel that it hinders language skills and vocabulary use.

Am I making a mountain out of a mole-hill?

Sunday, August 03, 2008

You may not agree with everything, but you're nodding your head...

WARNING: If you read this journal, you may become angry or upset, and want to debate it out until you're blue in the face. You may not agree with what I have to say and vice versa. If you're easily offended, then don't read any further.

Something got me thinking (I know, it was the reply I made to the "Tolerance" post). I wanted to list the things I wish of our society, culture and the world in general (world peace, man!). Now, ya'll said we've got our "big girl panties on" so I'm not apologizing for offending anyone.

-I'd love for everyone to know how to read and read something without being told to (a book or newspaper). Mark Twain said something that makes me nod my head: "Those who don't read have no advantage over those who can't."

-I'd love for everyone to have the good education they're entitled to. Along these same lines, I'd love it if teachers were actually paid what they're worth, and not some standard pay. Teachers are what get our kids interested in learning (that's how it was when I grew up anyway; this thought may vary). Teachers keep them interested.

-I want to see stronger border control. If we have to erect a wall (like China did) to keep out the illegal aliens, then so be it. I'm tired of illegal immigrants getting free healthcare and medicine when I either have to pay out of pocket or a hefty co-pay. I'm tired of them taking the jobs that LEGAL Americans could have. I think those who hire illegals for work, should be fined and sent to prison for 5-10 years PER ILLEGAL hired. This should teach them not to hire cheap labor. Yes, illegals have human rights, but not legal immigrant rights. I know that sounds wrong, but I'm sure you all are reading what I'm trying to say. Human rights and legal immigrant rights are not the same. I say, if you want to migrate to this country and be given a good chance, do it legally and become an American citizen. I feel that the "if you're born of illegals in America, then you're a citizen" should be thrown out the window. At this point, that's just bringing in more illegals. I understand they want something better for their children than they had, but do it legally, please. I'm tired of the fact that when I drive around [San Diego], depending on the area, I see billboards in Spanish, not English. I feel if you're going to live in this country, you should learn the language and speak the language often; after all, you can't get better if you don't use it. I'd rather hear my order at Burger King called out in English, instead of Spanish. Just because I understand it, doesn't mean I want to hear it when I'm ordering my food (or otherwise going about my business). I don't care if you want to come to this country, just do it the LEGAL way and become an American citizen.

-Abortion (and teen sex); this subject is like beating an already dead horse. It's up to the woman to do what she wants with her body. This would be pro-choice, right? If a woman is using it regularly as a form of birth control (more than two), then she should just learn to keep her legs closed. I also feel that teenagers should keep their legs closed. If they're not, then the parents should be more active in their lives (as a whole) and make sure they're using protection. For example, with my own daughter, my husband and I are planning on putting her on birth control when she gets her period (if after the age of 12). We will also supply the condoms if she's out there having sex. We'd rather her be protected than to tell her, "No, teen sex is bad." This would be hypocritical as my husband (four years older than me) had sex at 15; I waited until 18 (my younger sister was also 15). I'd rather be the parent who helps in prevention than living life, pretending it's not going to happen to "my little girl."

-End this stupid, dumbass war in Iraq! We shouldn't be there, nor do we have the right to be there. Who in the hell are WE to tell people how they should run their government? Yes, we have the oldest Constitutional document and yes, it's used by many other countries, if anything as a template. That doesn't mean we're right on everything! Matters vary depending on the country. Bring our troops home; we're spending money we DON'T HAVE to keep them over there. I heard recently that someone is trying to think of a way to make it LEGAL for our troops to stay there. Why? Yes, they're "primitive" in comparison ("primitive" is not the word I'm looking for but I'm hoping you know what I mean) to us; my mother used the term "parochial" in a recent email with me concerning our presence overseas.

-Please remember the separation of church and state. I'm not fond of the fact that "God" is everywhere [in our society]. Our money says, "In God we trust." What about those who don't believe in "God?" I feel it was the right thing when people said the Ten Commandments should come down from courthouses (I remember hearing this story and recently read a brief paragraph about it in my American Government textbook). "God" has no place in government.. any of the three branches. If I were to go to court and be sworn in, I'd say everything except for the "so help you God." Same thing with the pledge; I end that particular phrase just "one nation, in divisible, for liberty and justice for all." It's okay to be proud of your faith; it just doesn't belong in politics nor the government. Keep it in your lives.

-Healthcare. If you have the insurance, go see the physician who accepts the insurance. I've been hearing the one of the candidates wants to implement "universal healthcare." Okay, this looks good on paper, but when put in to use, it doesn't work nearly as much. Example? The military. The miliary pretty much works on a universal healthcare system. You don't have a choice about WHO you see. You see whoever happens to be on duty that day and/or whoever has the time. You don't have the option of researching different doctors to find the right one for you. And, once you see that physician, you see that same one for any follow-up. Sure, this is fine and dandy, but what if you don't like the doctor? The only "choice" really given to anyone in the service (or their pregnant spouses), is where you'll have your prenatal appointments. Even then, you really don't get a choice as to WHO you see. If you choose a clinic that isn't the main hospital, the OB you see for your appointments will NOT be present when you give birth. Again, whoever is on duty or has the time, will be the one delivering your baby. I don't know about you, but I'd like to have someone I already have a "history" with.

The Founding Fathers had a really good idea about things. Here is something I found not long ago; please tell me what you think.

In 1776, the founders risked their "lives, fortunes, and sacred honor" to set up a free and prosperous nation. They warned us that it was our responisibility to keep it that way. But we didn't listen to their wise advice.
As a service to America, they have come out of retirement to issue a final warning.
An open letter to the American people: We the Founders...

-Warned you of the dangers of excessive taxation. now you labor nearly six months of the year to pay taxes at all levels as your economy suffocates under this cruel burden.

-Warned you of the dangers of foreign entanglements. now thousands of men and women suffer and die in foreign lands while your government plans a military draft.

-Warned you of the dangers of government spending. Now your growing National Debt stands at 8 TRILLION (last known amount)
and your babies are debt slaves from the day they are born.

-Warned you of the dangers of a private Central Bank (The Fed) and a debt-based monetary system. Now you drown in credit card debt as you lose your home to foreclosure.

-Warned you to obey the Constitution because power corrupts. Now a secretive government can spy on you and detain you at will under the guise of "National Security."

-Warned you of the dangers of political parties. Now you have two powerful parties that conspire against the people, plunderingyou while they pretend to oppose each other.

-Warned you keep your nation sovereign and independent. Now you submit to
UN and NAFTA authority as your borders are deliberately left open to endless illegal immigration.

-Warned you to be distrustful of governemtn. But you believed the sugar-coated falsehoods of ambitious politicians and now you no longer now who to trust or what to believe.

-Warned you of the importance of an honest, independent and unbiased press. Now your centralized
"Mainstream Media" is full of propoganda, distorions, and omissions.

-Warned you that the price of liberty was eternal vigilance. But while you were distracted by ballgames and tv shows, government stole your liberty and bankrupted your children.

If you've made it this far, great! The only I apologize for is how long-winded this reads.

Now, I realize they are long dead, but what do you think they would say if they were to come back for a short time, and see the nation as it is now? I think they would be sorely disappointed in us, in our government.

According to an old story, a woman confronted Benjamin Franklin as he left the last session of the Constitutional Convention.

"What kind of government have you given us, Dr. Franklin," she asked. "A republic or a monarchy?"

"A republic, Madam," he answered, "if you can keep it."

I dunno. Just food for thought I guess.