Monday, July 16, 2007


So, it's been a couple of days... all right all right... MORE than a couple of days... a couple of weeks?

I've been working now for a few weeks; it's great and I love it! It seems like once a week or so, I buy something for Baby Girl. Right now, I'm looking for a costume of a bumble bee for Halloween.

Deployment is almost half done. Yippie!! I'm trying to find something really cute for Bella for when her Daddy comes home.

I'm trying to dye my hair a lighter color today. Hopefully it turns out. Leaving it in for longer than the directions say, just to be sure that it works.

Not much really to blog about.

Bella is doing so great! She started crawling a couple of weeks ago; she's getting into everything now. I love it.

Got new phones (and carrier) so that he and I can call and text each other while he's gone. I went with my first carrier ever --- T-Mobile. If I like it enough when the contract is up, I'll stick with them and drop Sprint (I owe them SO much right now but can't pay any of it; I'm hoping to have it paid off before he gets home).