Wednesday, February 27, 2008

If I miss it so much, I should probably make a point... do it more often!

Today I had minor surgery on my boob. Everything is fine. It was so minor, they just numbed the area and a corpsman and I walked to a small OR at Balboa Navy Medical Center San Diego (full name of the hospital where I had two previous boob surgeries and my c-section). The procedure didn't take long either. My face was covered but I was still able to have a conversation with the surgeon and the corpsmen (more than one) standing by, assisting. I could go back to work, but here at home, I can take a nap if I need to.

Bella still doesn't mind shopping carts and hasn't gotten to the naked stage [yet]. She's currently passed out on Daddy's chest; long day for her. She hasn't really been sick; at least, not bad enough to HAVE to go to the doctor. The worse thing right now is a diaper rash that doesn't seem to go away. I've told the sitter to just use baby powder now (Desitin and other creams make it worse, believe it or not) and she uses, instead, GoldBond. Now I know GB is supposed to be awesome and all, but I'm her mother, you do what I tell you to do in regards to my child (her youngest is four years old and it's been about ten years since her youngest daughter was an infant). Every day, it comes back looking worse than it did that morning.

We're trying to do everything we can to get a house, or at the very least, secure a house for us when we move. We're using our friend's realtor (family friend; practically watched her grow up) and his lender. We're waiting to hear back from the lender this afternoon about what we qualify and/or what we need to do. We were both up-front and honest about our credit; it's far from sparkling (with his divorce and my credit card debt). We're both trying to regain control over our debts so that we can get a decent loan at a decent APR. It's shown in our history that attempts have been made. As it stands right now, everything is riding on that phone call. Two things we have in our favor: the VA and first-time home-buyer programs. The VA is pretty lenient with things like this; they're about helping folks get a fresh start. I'm just hopeful either way. I do NOT want to stay at my mother's (ideally) for longer than one week. In that week, one would think that we should have things moved into a house. We can go thrifting for furniture; I have no problem with this.

For those few who read this, please send us positive energies! We really need this break.

Friday, February 08, 2008

I miss blogging every day

Simple as that. I used to blog ALL the time. Now, I'm reading my friend's ::baby blog:: more than anything else. Some days I really hate coming into work, but the pay is worth it.. for now. I can't wait to move and go home. I hate California. I miss the good friends I have Denver.

The Kearney/Donovan Family will be in Colorado by the weekend of August 20. The Kearney Family will be staying with my mother until we can get our own home. The Donovan Family will be staying with Kat & Bird (guys, if things have changed here, PLEASE tell me so we can think of someplace else for Mom and Angel). With my discharge paperwork from March 2007 (for those military folks, my DD214), I'm hoping to get a decent home loan. We're hoping to get (at most) a loan for $300K. We're looking for homes in the Lakewood, Littleton and Englewood areas. We'll be needing a 4-5 bedroom home with at least 2.5 bathrooms; square footage preferred is at least 2,500 square feet. We'd prefer at least a one car garage, possibly two; I have my Saturn L200 and Mom has her Kia Optima. Hoepfully, we can get Patrick his own vehicle soon; I doubt we'll be working in the same area when we first arrive in Denver.

So.. Patrick's end of active obligated service (or EAOS) is August 20; this is five days sooner than we were originally anticipating. This is good; we'll be in Denver five days sooner. We'll be heading out August 21, as we'll no longer be allowed to stay in housing. We'll probably stop off in Hesperia for a short time, so that Patrick can say good-bye to his son, Jeffrey. This will be a very tearful departure. When Jeffrey is 12 years old, by California Law, he's old enough to choose which parent he wants to live with; he's told Patrick already, "I wanna live with you, Dad." We're thinking that by the time this happens, Mom will have her own place and Jeffrey will have his own room, as well as the other two kids (by this point, Patrick will have two children between us); we want them all to have their own room; this would make that 4-bedroom option really nice.

From what I remember, it's about an 18-hour drive from sunny San Diego to the mile-high city of Denver. This will be done in about two days; if I knew Bella (and the other two drivers could handle it), I'd trudge on through until we got there (Denver or bust!). Bella will be 21 months old by the time we leave San Diego.

Anyway, I can't wait to come home!