Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Terrible Dreams

I wrote this awhile ago on my Phelan page on Facebook.

I had a terrible dream the other night--- this is what became of it

by Phelan W. Moon on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at 1:18pm

"I wasn't running my mouth again, I swear!"

He raised his hand to strike her again.  She shielded her face, but wasn't able to protet her back.  He knew she didn't like to wear clothing revealing her back, so it was his favorite place to hit her.  He brought his hand down only to stop just before making contact; quickly he moved and picked up a rolling pin, bringing it down on the middle of her back.  He could see her fat rolls jiggle and the sight delighted him.

Amanda screamed.  Tears stained her face through streaming eye make-up, her face looking like a morbid mime.

"What have I told you about running your mouth off?!"  screamed Nathan.

"But, I didn't!  I was having a conversation with my friends!"  These two statements took several pained breaths to get out; he'd beaten her pretty badly already and that last one was still in the single digits.

"A conversation about me," he replied.

He'd gotten her there.  She had been complaining to her friends, Mayra and Victoria, about the n ature of her marriage and where it had gone wrong.  She had no idea when the regular beatings started but they'd always been there it seemed.  What she found odd was that very few of them were alcohol induced; he just liked to beat the hell out of her.  Mai and Tori were trying to help her leave when Nathan arrived home early from work.

Now, it seemed he was going to kill her before she'd have the chance to walk out the door.

"I can't leave you out of my sight!" he screamed, as he continued beating her.  "Looks like I need to have you looked in on while I'm at work."

Nathan cornered his slightly overweight (okay, pudgy) wife into a corner and again raised his hand  to strike her.  He suddently felt a need that out-weighed his desire to follow through.  He walked to the bathroom, closed the door while keeping it cracked to keep an eye on her, and took a piss.

He enjoyed seeing her on the floor, broken and beaten, writhing in the pain that he'd just delivered to her.  'That should teach her,' he thought to himself.

He decided that Kory and Jesse would be good candidates to drop by during the day to make sure Amanda wasn't doing anything stupid to get her in trouble again.  Though, part of him would keep wishing that she would fuck up and then he could beat her again.  He made the decision to talk to the guys about visiting arrangements later.

Amanda noticed a smirk of satisfaction on his face and, when he wasn't looking, attempted to bolt for the door.  Her plan was to get out of the house and to the third house down:  Victoria.

Monday, February 20, 2012

"Ugh, it stinks in here!"

I overhead this in a public restroom at a local retail grocery store.  If you think it stinks that badly, then don't use it and wait until you get home.  If you really have to go and can't wait, then shut the fuck up and real with it.  You're only in there for maybe two minutes.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bah, humbug

I despise Valentine's Day.  I don't like how it's celebrated.  I think that people shouldn't spend all of this money on that special person on just one day.  Why not take the entire year to celebrate that person?  Sure, it's nice to receive flowers or something for Valentine's Day, but, c'mon people!  Why give in to this?

Last year, retailers made something like $16.3 BILLION on Valentine's Day sales.  We're in a recession, too, so it's hard for me to wrap my head around this.  Are men spending this money (and studies show that men end up spending nearly twice as much as women do) to make up for being complete and total assholes the rest of the year?  Why are women spending an average of nearly $70?