Saturday, May 31, 2008

She's Biting

Okay, so my lovely, wonderful 18 month old daughter has started biting. She bit her older brother (9 years old) earlier today on the face and she bit her Nana on the shoulder while being brought upstairs for her bath tonight. She tried biting me when we were playing during her bath time. What do I do to get her to stop? I don't want to shun my face or anything when she gives me a hug, but that's what she does right before biting. I don't want her to feel unloved. Any ideas on what I can do?

Friday, May 30, 2008

Lakewood, Colorado Symphony Orchestra Schedule

This is the the 2009 schedule for the Lakewood Symphony Orchestra, in Lakewood, Colorado. They've had wonderful concerts in the past and have only grown by leaps and bounds in the last ten years. Please show your support, and love, for music and music education (some good stuff performed). There is a special Children's Concert where they will perform "Peter and the Wolf."

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Toddler Girl Hair

I'm trying to figure out how I can do my daughter's hair. It's still baby fine and so cute and curly. My question is, what all can I do with it? Sometimes she'll sit there until I'm done trying to do something with it, other days, she won't sit still

There's a family reunion in Virginia, Illinois (small town of about 1800 people; I think it's pretty much the intersecting point between Springfield and Jacksonville and is about 20 minutes from Beardstown) this July 4th. I'd like to try and keep her hair off her neck so she's comfortable.

Here's a photo of her and her hair.. any ideas are VERY welcome!! Oh yeah, that's her [half] brother. These were taken May 17 (last Saturday).

Friday, May 23, 2008

Afraid we won't reach our goal

Okay, so Patrick forfeiting his last two paychecks to cover a debt that would have gone to court otherwise, made shit really fucking tight this month. Even with my paycheck and using my PTO for the days I wasn't at work (today, Tuesday last week); thank gawd I get paid for Monday. We're paying the sitter the normal rate, minus three days; this will help out a little.

I now have to do with another debt what I did with this last one. If they tell me I can settle, it's just under $500 (by a whole quarter). Now, we could forfeit his whole check again (which is just under $500), but that would leave us in a tight spot again and we need groceries and diapers. After this debt, I have three others similar to it; I haven't even contacted them about settlements. I know which one is next; I'm just hoping they allow me to settle.

I haven't paid for school in at least two months; I hate that. It's worse that I'm not doing so well in one class; I haven't even made it through the first test!! That test is for the REVIEW chapter (of shit I SHOULD know). I've done it twice now and no dice. I need to pass with at least a C. Even if people help me on those tests, there's still the proctored exam. It's technically only a two-hour exam, but my boss lets me "take as much time" as I need, which is great.

Then, there's making sure we have the gas money to get Patrick's son on the weekends we have him; his ex-wife even said this morning (on the phone with him) that we could have his son next weekend, too (this weekend was ours; last weekend we had him, but mostly because the "correct" weekend was Mother's Day). I think it's great that she offered that. She also found out this morning that her best friend's mother ended her life. She's pretty upset about it (of course); her friend is going out of town for the funeral, and his ex is going to watch her friend's daughter.

Advice is welcome; I'm not asking for donations because honestly, that's fucking tacky and it's not cool to ask people you really don't even know (who may also be going through their own tumultuous times) for money to help you. It's all up to your own self to do what you need to do; don't depend on others to just give you money. Like I said, it's fucking tacky.

Anyway, it's a bit tumultuous. Oh yeah, and if yer my frien', you kin see dis. So, umm.. that's it.

If it were the Navy moving us to my home of record, it'd be one thing. I've been out of the Navy for too long now for them to do that. Patrick's home of record is Victorville; just two hours north of here. He's looking into what Household Goods can do for us; but if that doesn't work, we're paying for everything out of pocket. For gas, the moving truck(s), lodging and whatnot, we'll need at least $3,000; I upped it to $3,500 for a buffer of sorts. We're also having a yard/garage sale in late July to try and get some more money for our move fun. HE's too close to his EAOS for him to change his home of record, otherwise he'd have done it by now. =( He gets out 20 August; since we're in housing, we're on the road the next day. At least two of the moving companies we've contacted have quoted us anywhere between $2,500-$6,500 (I think; maybe it was $5,000; eitehr way, it's a lot of money); we'd still need something for our own vehicles and lodging.

New ETA: I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you. I really do appreciate it the support. Oh yeah, and the "just breathe" comments. I needed to hear/see those. It will still take some time to get things to work. I know the yard/garage sale will help a little bit. I'd ideally like to get it all (the credit card debt) done and taken care of before we leave for Colorado, but I know it won't happen. Patrick wouldn't get another paycheck.

His ex-wife said we could get Jeffrey again next weekend (on our "off" weekend), but we're afraid we won't have the money for gas. Even if we did, my mother-in-law normally gets the kiddo, but she'll be seeing her mother. We only have one car for the both of us (mine) and, even if he's off before me, the only way it'd work for him to get his son would be if he got the day off from work, drove the five hour round trip, and get back down to San Diego in time to pick me up at work and Bella from the sitter; I wouldn't ask him to take Bella with him on that long of a trip. Otherwise, if he left at the normal time, I'd need a ride home from work. THIS is really why we need one more car [for Patrick]. Anyone in San Diego willing to help out here? No money, just a ride for me to get home and maybe pick up Bella.

Session #6

I forgot to post once or twice. I think once. She was out of town last week, so I skipped a week. That might be what screwed me up. Anyway...
So it'd been about two weeks since I saw her. We didn't talk much about the move. I told her the two things my adoptive dad did that surprised the hell out of me (for when we move in August; he replaced the stove for one with the knobs on the top instead of protruding from the front as well as moving all of his computer stuff from the other bedroom so that Bella can have a room of her own to sleep in).
The only thing I really remember touching on was our sex life. Putting it bluntly, we went through a 12 pack of condoms in about two weeks.
I'm still not feeling "better" but I'm hoping it starts looking up soon.