Friday, November 24, 2006

November 18, 2006

After waiting until Auntie Amber (Bubbles) returned home from Japan and Grandma Becky showed up for a visit, Belladonna Satine decided to make her grand entrance.
My water broke around 4:45pm on Saturday. I was just minding my own business, playing Talismania and I felt a small gush in my crotch. I thought I'd maybe pissed myself. I sat there for another few seconds (to finish the link I was making) and then got up to check. On my way to the bathroom, I felt another gush. Then I ran and said, "Oh shit." With the bathroom door wide open, I tell Pat and his mom that my water just broke. When there was a little break in the gushing, I did away with whatever pants I was wearing and was given a towel to "wear" instead. I "wore" it for about an hour. Went outside, had a cigarette and remained calm. I was fine. Then the contractions started.
The first contraction was at 5:04pm and we kept track of them almost until delivery. At first, they were about every 7-10 minutes, kinda strong, like a menstrual cramp. By the time we left the house (about an hour after the first contraction), they were something like every 5-7 minutes (for the next half hour to an hour, I think; I lost track of time after we got to the hospital).
While the on-call doc did his check, I kept feeling stronger contractions. It also looked like I had shit myself. I had no idea why. Then, they did the ultrasound. Between Monday last week and Saturday, Belladonna had gone from a head-down position to breech, ass end first (so that she was basically folded in half). That would explain the shit... literally. Because of her position, meconium (sp?) was leaking out all over the place. They asked me if I wanted a C-section. The contractions were so strong I just wanted them to be over and done with. That, and I'd heard that there are sometimes complications with giving birth vaginally with a breech baby; I didn't want to chance anything. So, they wheeled me to a prep room for the C-section.
The contractions were getting stronger (10+) with her being positioned the way she was, it felt like I had to take a REALLY big crap. I mean, HUGE. You know that feeling you get when you NEED to poop and you know it's going to be awhile on the toilet? You know that pressure you feel? THAT is what I felt. I kept saying, "I need to push! I need to push!" They told me no, that I couldn't push. There was an anesthesiologist (sp?) in there asking me all kinds of questions that I barely paid attention to. I was screaming. I was yelling. I was wailing. I felt really bad for the staff because they had to hear it all. I never once screamed at Pat though; contractions were WAY too strong for me to worry about yelling at him. Besides, for a time, both of our mothers were in the room with me (while he went to change into scrubs, smoke and use the bathroom).
I was wheeled into the OR and given a spinal shot, instead of an epidural. I guess there wasn't enough time for the epidural to really make a difference. I'm not really too clear on that part. I have no idea what time I was wheeled in, but at 9:13pm, Belladonna Satine was born. I heard her cry a little, but not much. This was to let me know how much she would cry the following days. Pat was there to cheer me on and cut the umbilical cord. My mom and his mom were in the waiting area. I teared up a bit when they finally showed her to me; I think Pat did, too. I don't remember a lot of happenings after that. I was pretty doped up and could have easily slept through the C-section, but I wanted to see my little girl.
I was wheeled into a recovery area and was to stay there until I could move my toes and legs (the spinal shot had numbed me from the rib cage down). Pat, my mom and his mom were there and showed me pictures (at least, I think they did; like I said, I was pretty drugged up). They stuck around for maybe half an hour, I think and then went home for the night. The nurses brought Belladonna to me and wheeled me to Labor & Delivery recovery, where I was to stay until Tuesday afternoon.
I must say that she is one of the most well-behaved newborns I've ever seen. She rarely cries and when she does, it's usually when she's getting a diaper change. She has Pat's hair color (we're crossing our fingers that she's spared his eyebrows) and we're thinking a good combination of both our noses. I look and stare at her every single day since Saturday and can't believe that she's mine. I can't believe that this beautiful little girl was growing inside for 9 months (and a week, the late stinker). Every single day I look at her, know that she's my little girl, I just want to cry... I'm so happy.
Anyway, for those (in the area) asking about visiting. I think next week would be best, that way we've settled in a little bit. I'm on leave until some time in December (I think). My leave started yesterday morning and it's for 42 days. Please call us (on the cell phone or house phone; message for that number) before coming over, so we're not too surprised.
Angel, his mom's 9 year-old shi-tzu, is totally taken by the baby. The first thing she does after waking up in the morning, is checking on the baby. I'm thinking that she'll be Bella's very own little guard dog. It's cute as hell.