Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Belladonna's First Birthday

Okay, I know it's still awhile off buuuuuuuuuuuttt... I'm already planning things.

If anyone wants to look into things to get her for her first birthday, go to www.babiesrus.com and type in my first and last name. I don't really expect anything (I know we all have things that we need to get for our own family, so it's okay), but if anyone would like to.

I'm also trying to find a theme. Silly idea, I know. http://www.celebrateexpress.com/celebration/Refine.aspx?N=4294967145&Ns=sort13&TabID=4294967146&pageID=0&iRec=50&vw=aslisi is the website for the themes. I'm not sure which one to pick! I don't want a girly girl theme because she's not a girly girl and no pink. Any ideas?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I really hate this

It happened again. I dreamed of the first love again. He was the same as I remember from 1999, only taller. Started talking with him, gave him a quick shoulder massage. "You were always really good at that," I seem to remember him saying. Nothing past that.
Why am I having these dreams?!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Reasons why I HATE retail

I tried going to sleep but couldn't because I had this "rant" going through my head. The scenario is me at my own store as a customer and I catch someone unpacking something.

Me: Excuse me?

Them: Yes?

Me: What do you think you're doing there?

Them: Nothing really.

Me: Why are you taking that out of the package?

Them: I want to see what it looks like.

Me: Why? It gives you the perfect picture of it plus the measurements for it.

Them: That may be but I still want to see it.

Me: Could you humor me for a minute?

Them: Okay...

Me: Okay. Imagine you work in a store, very much like the one you're in right now. Imagine that you're getting paid minimum wage, working anywhere between 25 and 40 hours a week. Imagine that the only gratitude you really get out of working at the store is, for instance, seeing all of the new babies and their parents and helping those parents get the best items they can for their new child.

Them: Of course..

Me: Not done yet. Please let me finish. Imagine you're working four full shifts in a row, coming in at 9:30 am and leaving for the day at 7:30pm, barely having enough time to get your 30 minute clocked out lunch break (it's a busy busy day). Imgaine coming in that morning and, after a quick morning meeting and opening the doors to the public, you grab your departmental phone and walk through the department you're working in. For all intended purposes, let's say the Bedding department (what a coincidence; that's where we are now!). Now, you would hope to see everything in perfect order as you had left it when you left from work the day before; after all, you spent at least half your shift making it look appealing and nice for your customers. Knowing how it looked, imagine going through those aisles now and seeing your hard work messed up. That's right; nothing is how you left it.

Them: But I ...

Me: Not finished yet. Now, you don't want that mess to be seen your customers, so you take it to your main working station and pile all of the messed up items there to fix. One would think, this is a slow day, I can fix it in a matter of minutes. Wrong assumption. It's very busy for a Tuesday and you've barely put all of the "re-packs" on the desk before you get a few customers needing your assistance. Those re-packs are going to have to wait. After about an hour or so of helping your customers, you go to fix your re-packs, only to find more have popped up in the last sixty minutes. You grab those up and take them to your main working space. You spend the next three hours (at least) re-packing those items and making them look as perfect as possible so that they can be sold along with the others. You end up working through your first 15 minute break. You rush through your lunch when you get it because you know there are more items that need re-packing. Once you feel you've gotten them all to look as good as you can, you get a small rush, lasting around two hours. Once you have the chance to sit down and catch your breath, you notice all of your hard work has been demolished. You spend the rest of your shift fixing things that your customers messed with.

Them: ...

Me: I'm almost done. Do you ever wonder why retail gets to be so expensive? And not just because it's a big name store? Because of people like you. People who take everything out of the package to "see what it really looks like." YOU and only YOU are the reason why prices tend to get so high for something so minor as a blanket or a pillow.

Them: Uhhhh... I...

Me: Please, think about that the next time you want to take something out of the package to "see what it really looks like."

Monday, August 06, 2007

First Love.. get the thoughts away, far away from me

I had another dream again. Another dream about the first love. We were together and happy, a family.

I don't know why though. It's really ... I can't even think of the right word; it's getting to me that much.

He was the same as I remember him, but his face is a little rounder. The feelings, the connection between us was still there and strong.

It upsets me that I still have these unconcious thoughts, these dreams. I have no control over them. I know there are ways to "control" what you dream, but it's so hard Whatever precautions there are, I'd forget to do them.

Akri, I love you

Friday, August 03, 2007

Internet was shut off...

Been awhile it seems.

Deployment is half over.. a little more than half over. :)

Our internet was shut off shortly after my last diary post. We didn't have internet for nearly two weeks. Since our phone and cable are hooked up in the same package, we didn't have those either.

Bella just started saying "baby" yesterday. It's a little broken up, but it's still "baby." I got it on webcam video and posted it here, on MySpace and emailed it to him.

Talked to Shen and Triana today (Alyssa last night) about SeaWorld on Monday. Looks like Ye Olde Man will be here in a matter of hours. Bella and I will get in for free, since we're dependents and we'll have to pay $46.50 for Mom.

Work is going well. I miss the paychecks I got when I was temping, but I wasn't enjoying that as much as I am where I work now. I'm still getting paid every week, but it's half the hourly wages I'm used to and slightly fewer hours. At least I enjoy what I do, right?

Hoping that I can start school soon. I've been trying to get a down payment of $199 to Grantham University so I can start my online classes. If I were able to start when I wanted to, I'd be halfway through my first of five semesters at this point in time. Am I just not meant to go back to school right now?

I'm an Auntie now! My sister Amber gave birth to her son, Darion Allen, at 5:19am on August 1st. He weighed in at 9 pounds 9 ounces and 22 inches long. He was so big he got stuck on the pubic bone, therefore breaking his collarbone upon exiting the womb. His arm is taped to his side to keep him from moving too much. It's weird to think of my sister as a mommy now. She'll do fine.

Not much else going on.